My Experience with Indigo – Developing Intuition

Indigo Tisrati

My first experience with Indigo as a healing tool astonished me with its depth. I was at Gemisphere’s Fall 2012 Mental Mastery and Expansion of Consciousness Workshop, at Still Meadows Conference and Retreat Center. During one morning session, I entered the meeting room to find a mandala made of Indigo gems placed in the center of the room, surrounded by chairs. Our teacher, Dr. Ada González, was seated in the circle next to her dog, Jade. Dr. Ada began her lesson in the therapeutic benefits of Indigo. “Quiet the doubt, and let the intuition in,” she told us. We learned about the basics of how Indigo, as carrier of the indigo ray, builds bridges through layers of the aura to allow energy and information to flow more freely from the intuitive body to the physical body. She also talked about the negative karmic impact of letting your mind override intuition.

Workshop lead Dr. Ada González teaches Indigo therapy at the Mental Mastery and Expansion of Consciousness workshop
Workshop lead Dr. Ada González teaches Indigo therapy at the Mental Mastery and Expansion of Consciousness workshop

Reading the indications for Indigo Necklace Therapy, two goals stood out for me: The first was clearing my aura of the negative mental energies from myself and others, and the second was gaining clarity about my true nature and life purpose. I had gone into the workshop with the idea of finding my inner guides, or perhaps getting in better touch with them, and so far I had already made far more progress than I would have expected. The first goal was entirely new, yet at the same time it made perfect sense; as though it were a goal I always had but never realized until that moment. I held a four-bead strand of Indigo with which I “practiced presence” with its energy in a visualization led by Dr. Ada, and it felt cleansing to me even in that small dose. During our practice of Indigo therapy, my aura cleared enough to where I realized that, with my propensity for self-criticism, I was getting in my own way. I was in the Mental Mastery and Expansion of Consciousness Workshop because I wanted better mental control, more creativity, expanded mental capacity—and all because I thought that I was not doing well enough. I’ve often felt an inability to relax and enjoy my surroundings because I believed that I urgently needed to work more. I tend to constantly second-guess myself and put pressure on myself to be better in every way. As the therapy progressed and the inner bridge was built, I felt these self-doubts clearing out. And without the negative mental energy there, the creativity, purpose, and inner light came flooding in.

Catherine wearing Indigo
Catherine wearing Indigo

Shortly after the workshop, I happened to have a hard weekend and found myself falling back into a pit of self-criticism and doubt. During a meeting with Gemisphere founder Michael Katz, he showed me a flat piece of raw Indigo. Holding it to the light, I could see its pure deep translucent color and the indigo ray energy running through it. Gazing through the gemstone, the energy and feeling of therapeutic-quality Indigo brought me back to my experiences at the workshop, and in that moment my aura felt freed again, returning me to my intuition.


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