My Experience with Precious Carnelian

Within moments of Precious Carnelian contacting my skin on the therapy window, I felt a tingling down through my toes and up through my head, as though it were a wave of vitality and pure joy. My surroundings seemed brighter, and I realized I was smiling. Wow, I thought. That was fast. 


Reading the indications for Carnelian therapy, I realized how much the cells of my body must be needing both Carnelian and the orange color ray. Low energy, sluggishness, onset of illness, and even mental fog were all pervading my aura. The cold, gray, and rainy Portland weather outside certainly seemed to be playing a large role in my spirits feeling dampened.

I had placed a single rondel of Precious Carnelian on the therapy window that naturally exists  inside the left middle finger above the top knuckle by the nail. Doing so, I allowed the great power of the orange ray to enter my system. The free flow of orange ray energy through my aura seemed to bring life energy to every cell and allow this life energy to nourish my emotions. Despite the weather, I felt the sensation of sunshine pouring through the windows. I sat up straighter, and my body felt both alive and balanced.

All this, within sixty seconds, I mused. Such is the power of Precious Carnelian.


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