Gemisphere Holds a Special TeleSeminar for Workshop Alumni

Gemisphere Workshop graduates were treated to a special Alumni Week TeleSeminar just for them on Monday night, November 12. Forty-nine (49) alumni joined a telephone conference line with Gemisphere founder Michael Katz and Gemisphere workshop lead, Dr. Ada González. This TeleSeminar was a special event for gemstone users who have graduated from at least one Gemisphere Workshop, whether the graduate uses gems for personal and family therapy or in a professional healing practice.

Gemisphere founder Michael Katz

The seminar touched on many topics of special interest to users of Gemisphere’s therapeutic gems. Michael shared stories of the amazing lengths that Gemisphere goes to in order to find therapeutic quality gemstones around the world. Currently, Gemisphere is in the process of rescuing Sapphire from mines in Colombia, where most of these gems are cut and faceted on the spot, making untreated Sapphire much more difficult to obtain.  Yellow and Blue Sapphire are usually heated or diffused with artificial substances, such as beryllium. These treatments obliterate the therapeutic value of the gemstones themselves—and Gemisphere’s Sapphire is never subjected to such treatments. (Click here to read about common artificial treatments of Yellow Sapphire.)

Michael shared his joy at finding precious Amethyst from Paraguay, which will be offered in early December. Participants in October’s Mental Mastery and Expansion of Consciousness Workshop enjoyed a special preview of these gems, which are of stunning therapeutic quality.

Michael and Dr. Ada talked about other special gem finds that will be revealed in the coming year, plus the unveiling of a brand new gemstone category, “Thriving in Our Changing Environment.” Fans of Gemisphere’s ten “new” gems, introduced over the past several years, will be happy to see them distributed into the regular gemstone categories, making gemstone selection much easier.

Adding to the air of excitement, Michael also made several surprise announcements, including the most important development to come in 2013: the creation of the therapeutic gemstone Testing Kit and the opportunity for workshop graduates to become Therapeutic Gemstone Consultants through the creation of a special Consultant Kit. Although the details are still coming into place, Michael promised a full announcement with all the details when the two kits become available early in 2013.

Gemisphere workshop lead Dr. Ada González

Dr. Ada announced enticing changes in the Emotional and Karmic Healing Workshop, coming up in February 2013, including the addition of several new therapies. While alumni received some lovely special tuition discounts during Alumni Week, the Early Bird registration discount is available to everyone through January 13, 2013.

Participants also enjoyed a personal question and answer session with Michael and Dr. Ada. (Detailed answers to questions from alumni and other therapeutic gemstone user will be the subjects of future blog posts.)

Though a total of over fifty (50) people were on the line that night, the tone was personal and the feeling was one of camaraderie and joy. The TeleSeminar ended on a personal note, with Michael and Dr. Ada thanking the wonderful group for their continued enthusiasm and work with gemstones. An alumnus then shared a story of how much she and her family have benefited from gemstone healing and concluded with a warm “Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Special thanks to Michelle Smith for moderating the TeleSeminar.


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