In The Flower Months: The Emily Katz Fashion Show Incorporates Gemisphere Gems Into Show, Audience

Left: Poet and inspiration Jeevan Singh
Right: Artist and designer Emily Katz

Saturday, November 17, was a special evening for Gemisphere and for local Portland, Oregon, clothing designer and artist Emily Katz. Inspired by the dreamlike poems of Jeevan Singh, Emily presented her spectacular new line of clothing, her first offering to the public since 2010. The show was titled “In the Flower Months.”

Upon entering the show, held at the Breeze Block Gallery in Portland’s Pearl District neighborhood, guests were offered a one-bead therapeutic gemstone strand. Gemisphere therapeutic gemstone expert Raevan Richelle, along with Gemisphere gemstone therapy scholars Eleena Katz and Catherine Patricolo, presented each guest with a choice of Mother of Pearl, Lavender, or Blue Lace Agate.

Mother of Pearl provides wearers with comfort and emotional fulfillment; Lavender helps awaken the soul to the essence of Spirit; and Blue Lace Agate helps build both inner and outer strength and resilience. Raevan, Catherine, and Eleena remained on-hand to answer questions and discuss the gems and gemstone healing with the guests. Although the strands were originally planned for wear as necklaces, the creative atmosphere of the gallery, which featured embroidered art and elaborate wall hangings by Emily, inspired guests to wear the beaded strands as rings, bracelets, chokers, and even headbands.

The runway show began with introductions by the producers, and Emily addressed the crowd wearing a special Amethyst necklace. A silence then fell over the crowd as the lights lowered, and models strutted the flower-strewn runway, while guests sat on the edges of their seats watching. The music of Lia Isis, the striking of the models’ shoes, and the clicks of cameras echoed through the high-ceilinged room.

A model wears Emily Katz, adorned with a Lavender bead on her forehead and a necklace of Onyx.

Incorporated into Emily’s outfits were many one-bead Gemisphere strands, as well as full Gemisphere necklaces made of Onyx, Aquamarine, Mother of Pearl, and White Beryl. One model, wearing a floor-length lace dress, wore a spectacular headpiece adorned with embroidered lace, Mother of Pearl, White Beryl, Riverstone, and Moonstone.

The gemstones indeed added to the gently charged and dreamlike atmosphere, as envisioned by the artist. The aura of the room that evening was one of protection, balance, and awe, and the effect was nothing short of breathtaking.


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