Precious Amethyst Arrives

Photography and graphics by David Gorsek and Joshua Rich

The Earth, always full of surprises, recently blessed us with one of her very best! For the first time ever, Gemisphere’s pharmacy is welcoming necklaces of precious Amethyst rondels. These virtually flawless, deep-violet gems are extremely rare and increasingly scarce. We at Gemisphere are both delighted and honored to be the planet’s only source of them in rondel form. In fact, it is to make this rare find as affordable and available as possible that we are offering these gems as rondels rather than spheres. The rondel shape preserves as much of the crystal as possible while transforming the crystals into potent healing tools.

We have literally never seen Amethyst of this quality and pure violet color since Gemisphere’s founding. Previously, the highest quality we’ve been able to find and offer you is “Exquisite Plus.” Now, after two decades of searching, we have found Amethyst that not only qualifies as “Exquisite Plus-Plus” and “Exquisite Plus-Plus-Plus,” but also qualifies as a genuinely precious gem. (Even the small number of the precious Amethyst necklaces we’ve categorized as “Exquisite Plus” are several levels higher in quality than the “Exquisite Plus” Amethyst now available as spheres.)

Photography by Alicia J. Rose
Photography by Alicia J. Rose

One of the most beloved gems on Earth, Amethyst and the purple ray it carries draw our attention beyond the mind to the realm of pure spiritual knowledge and then bring this wisdom back into clear, conscious thought. Amethyst helps us let go of all that is old and all that holds us back, so that we may fully embrace our spiritual destiny. Precious Amethyst is an exceptionally pure and potent vehicle for Amethyst energy and the purple ray.

To learn more about our precious Amethyst necklaces and to place an order, call us at 800.727.887 or click here.

View the Gemisphere photo essay on grading Precious Amethyst with Gemisphere founder Michael Katz, his son, GIS-Certified gemologist Aaron Katz, and Gemisphere Pharmacist Chanson Fujioka on our blog or on Facebook.


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