Finding Our Purpose through Color Ray Gems

Gemisphere’s TeleSeminar, “Finding Our Purpose through Color Ray Gems” (December 5, 2012), with Michael Katz and Dr. Ada González, was a lovely evening for attendees, who got to begin their holiday season with an extra feeling of inspiration.

Dr. Ada introduced the topic of color ray therapy using gemstones: “The color rays provide the nourishing energy for all life. We and everything are all made up of the color rays, which are themselves made of sound and vibrations.” For this reason, she explained, we are naturally drawn to the gemstones that carry the color rays and express these colors in pure, crystalline form.

Michael expanded on the topic by explaining that each of us is “made up of a complex matrix of color rays.” He has been studying color ray therapy since 1988, when he founded Gemisphere, which is devoted to finding and offering superior therapeutic-quality gemstones, including color ray–bearing gemstones. He explained that using color ray gemstones can help the body reestablish a healthy flow of life force and clear blockages in the matrix of color rays of which we’re made. “They bring light and remove darkness.”

Michael and Dr. Ada provided a wealth of information about color ray therapy for all listeners—beginners, longtime practitioners, and anyone who was ready to delve further. They also shared new information about the color ray-bearing gems, namely: Amethyst (purple ray), White Beryl (white ray), Emerald (green ray), Ruby (red ray), Blue Sapphire (blue ray), Carnelian (orange ray), Yellow Sapphire and Citrine (yellow ray), and Indigo (indigo ray).  [See the slideshow below for images of the Color Ray gems.]

“We all have a deep relationship with all the color rays,” Michael continued. Each of us has a nourishing ray, the strongest ray in our energetic makeup; and each of us has a limiting ray, which is our weakest ray. Dr. Ada expanded on this theme: “We are all on a quest to face our demons. The journey of your soul is with your main ray.” She suggested that listeners read pages 6-7 in the new Gemisphere catalog, which includes an introduction to color ray healing with gems.

“There is an extraordinary living presence in each gem…. a sacredness of life. We [at Gemisphere] rescue these gems…from being set in metal and being encumbered for the rest of their existence, set them free to express their radiance,” Michael said of his purpose with Gemisphere.  He noted that when a gemstone is mounted in metal, such as in a ring or other jewelry, the metal inhibits the gem from radiating its healing energy.

At the end of the TeleSeminar, Michael and Dr. Ada graciously answered listeners’ questions.

Whether or not you were able to attend this special TeleSeminar, you can listen to a recording on Gemisphere’s website as much as you like. Click this link to listen to the audio of Finding Our Purpose through Color Ray Gems, as well as to listen to previous TeleSeminars.

Special thanks to Ela for her introduction and moderation of the TeleSeminar.

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