Aquamarine Water Experience

In honor of our current Gem of the Week, Aquamarine, we wanted to share a powerful therapy using this magnificent gemstone. Aquamarine Water is made by pouring water over therapeutic Aquamarine. This seemingly simple act can have dramatic effects on youthfulness and vitality.  One Gemisphere client shares her profound experiences drinking Aquamarine Water regularly. Here is her testimonial about using this therapy over a six-week period:

Gemisphere gemstones have such powerful health effects, and I wanted to know how therapeutic Aquamarine Water would affect me individually. I thought it would be smart to chart the changes in my health after using the Aquamarine Water for six weeks:

Proper cleansing beforehand is key to making Aquamarine Water
Proper cleansing beforehand is key to making Aquamarine Water

Weeks 1 and 2: I started out drinking four to five glasses of Aquamarine Water each day. I noticed that some of my cellulite was diminishing, and I felt leaner.

Week 3: The most interesting results began: In my lower left leg, which I had injured as a teenager, I felt a wonderful, fluid, whooshing feeling. The feeling ran through the leg very quickly, several times a minute every hour or so. As time went on, the feeling started higher on my leg.

Week 4: Another unexpected surprise: the wonderful sensation had migrated to my right leg, this time starting at the hip and working its way down to my toes. At the end of that week, Aquamarine Water was stimulating the flow of energy in both hips and legs. Half my body was experiencing these fine sensations. Sometimes, I would wake at night to feel warm flowing feelings over the entire bottom half of my body, hips to toes.

Week 5: When you pour water into a glass, the bottom of the glass gets filled first. That makes sense to me. So it seems with the effects of Aquamarine Water on my body. During the fifth week, I felt the sensations all along the iliac crest in the pelvic girdle. I was also beginning to feel more of these wonderful sensations in the lumbar area of my back.

Wearing a necklace of Aquamarine is also beneficial

The best part is that during the Aquamarine water treatment, I noticed almost all the cellulite on my glutes and upper thighs went away! The effects were so marked that my jeans were hanging on me, even though I wasn’t consciously dieting. I bought new jeans in a smaller size.

Week 6: The wonderful watery sensations traveled all the way up to my skull. It is a pleasant feeling, as though my brain is getting larger and then smaller. The fascia must be moving some too. At the end of the sixth week, I’m finally feeling sensations across my pelvic bones. It’s harder for me to feel Aquamarine Water moving into soft tissue, but I’m sure it has entered my belly. This was the area I was hoping to calm down with Aquamarine Water; it’s funny that it arrived there last.

Now, when an Aquamarine Water sensation comes, it surges throughout my entire body, beginning at my feet and moving up to my waist, into my ribs, up to my skull, and then down into the area of my belly. It’s a great feeling that now takes over my entire body. I can’t think of what could be next!

-Sue Shaver, Licensed Massage Therapist, Indiana

Aquamarine Water aids in re-discovering youthful vitality. In helping your cells become more adaptable,  Aquamarine brings renewed fluidity to the body and mind. You can read more about Aquamarine Water on our website, or order your free copy of Aquamarine Water: Fountain of Youthful Vitality by Michael Katz. You can learn more about therapeutic Aquamarine gemstone strands and necklaces through our website.  And, you can also order copies of Gemstone Energy Medicine and Wisdom of the Gemstone Guardians by Michael Katz. Please also see our website to read more about gemstone therapy.


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