Bloodstone Testimonial

The Gemisphere staff delights in sharing in the delight of customers and their experiences with the gemstones. In fact, we love it! Recently, we received this sweet letter from a Gemisphere necklace fan:

Dr. Ada González demonstrates a Bloodstone therapy
Dr. Ada González demonstrates a Bloodstone therapy

The testimonial I’m submitting regards Bloodstone and how wonderful this powerful earthstone is for a vibrant healthy life as a senior. I will be 70 in a few months and I can honestly say since wearing Bloodstone for several years nearly every day, I have been free of any headaches, fevers, colds, or flu that seem to plague so many people. In addition, I have taken the sum total of three aspirin the last three years! I have counted them and two of them I had to take after an emergency operation last year. The recovery room nurse suggested taking them until I could fulfill the “pain medication” prescription the surgeon wrote for me. When I got home, I simply put on my Bloodstone and didn’t take any further medications. And, by the way, I don’t take any medications at all. This is truly a powerful, inexpensive therapeutic gemstone that should be in everyone’s pharmacy.

-T.C., Raleigh, NC

Thank you for sharing, T.C.!


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