Gemisphere Begins September Foundation Teleclass by Building Community

Phone and internet may have the stereotype of being impersonal and isolating, yet last night, Dr. Ada González and the Gemisphere Education Team proved the opposite could be true as well.

Assisted by Michelle Smith and Stephany Israeli, Dr. Ada led the September Foundation Workshop Teleclass with the intention of drawing together a community. She began by inviting participants to create their own sacred space in which to experience the call, and explaining how every style of learning will be spoken to during this workshop.

“Our virtual circle is composed of sacred space where we share a column of light and energy,” Dr. Ada said. This group energy is the background in which participants explore the balancing energy of therapeutic Quartz, a foundation gemstone for the study of gemstone energy medicine.

Screen Shot 2014-09-02 at 6.38.32 PM
A Mandala of Quartz from the Teleclass’ virtual slideshow

The virtual circle spanned all across North America: Stephany Israeli in Madison, Wisconsin and Michelle Smith in Portland, Oregon, began the community building exercise of participant introductions, while Dr. Ada engaged with each person’s story. The 25 workshop attendees were calling in from their own sacred spaces in cities all around the Pacific Northwest, through the Midwestern states, to the Eastern Seaboard to Washington D.C., and down to Florida. The circle even took an international turn, with participants from different parts of Canada.

As it became clear that the group had come together excited to share the experience of the teleclass, so too did it become clear that each person had a unique reason for taking the teleclass at this moment in time. Noted Michelle in her introduction, “Part of this journey is getting involved in each others’ lives and meeting with other like-minded people.”

Frosted Quartz necklace, the primary Foundation Workshop tool

With trust and harmony flowing through the virtual circle, it was time to move the group forward to cleansing and healing with the power of Quartz. Dr. Ada noted at the start, “The purpose of this workshop is to give you a foundation in healing body, mind, and spirit with gems.” During her introduction to Quartz, her wisdom and the depth of her experience poured through thousands of miles of distance, infusing each attendee with inspiration and enthusiasm for learning.

Connectivity and personal interaction are the cornerstones of the Foundation Workshop Teleclass. Communication with a partner, with the Gemstone Advisors, and personal gem therapy time during the week outside of the Tuesday call is not only welcomed, it is required to complete the class.

As participants begin reading, practicing, and living with Quartz’s life force attracting energy this week, one thing is certain: they are not surrounded with a cold, impersonal vacuum of internet space, they are now part of a vibrant, forward-thinking virtual community.


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