The September 2014 Foundation Teleclass Experience

Continuing gemstone wellness

Throughout Weeks 2 and 3 of the September Foundation Teleclass, many members of the virtual community have already noticed benefits from their experience with the gems. From their reading, Quartz therapy time, and partner dialogue, each participant is absorbing gemstone healing information, and bringing renewed energy to the group dynamic.

Dr. Ada gives students a mini-consultation

Dr. Ada is not simply listing the reasons the gems work and the steps to perform gem therapies properly; she is imparting decades of wisdom and encouraging each student to uncover what she describes as “little earthquakes” or energetic shifts that can take place when we use gems to break up blockages and allow healing to take place.

As a conclusion of the Foundation Teleclass, Dr. Ada gave many of the participants mini-consultations. In those moments of awakening to the gemstone energy, it is clear that this class is just the beginning of a lifetime of personal, and in some cases professional, growth and discovery.

Quartz Crystal Healing Comes to Life via Teleclass Series

One student requests clarification on last week’s reading from their participant handbook, another relates her journey of performing the same Quartz therapy several nights in a row and how that repetition helped her go deeper with her therapy: As students share stories about their ongoing practice and Quartz crystal healing study, the benefits of taking the Foundation Workshop as a 4-week teleclass coalesce into the larger picture.

Quartz Chakra Balancing Technique

Gemisphere’s previous 24 hour in-residence Foundation Workshop simply did not allow time for this kind of in-depth exploration. Whereas each therapy was discussed and performed briefly, students of the Foundation Teleclass have the opportunity to read about each therapy, ask questions, see live video demonstrations, and perform therapies all at their own pace. Throughout the 4-week teleclass, all the material in the participant handbook is covered in amounts easily digestible by beginners and seasoned gemstone users alike.

Integrating gemstone wellness therapy into your life from any location

Dr. Ada enthusiastically reminds students that Quartz may indeed help them soar spiritually, and through the Teleclass format, more students are finding their wings. The international community as well as students here in the USA who are unable to travel have enthusiastically responded to the teleclass format offered by Gemisphere. Those who have work, school, and family obligations keeping them at home appreciate being able to take gemstone therapy classes in the evenings for short amounts of time that are both affordable and easy to fit into a busy schedule. No matter where they are, students can make time and space for themselves in comfort to focus on wellness and gemstone therapy.



Taking time to perform a Quartz therapy 

Concluding the Foundation Teleclass Journey


Last week’s call marked the finale of the 2014 Foundation Teleclass series, yet the journey into gemstone wellness therapy as a whole can only go deeper. Students graduating from this course qualify to take any Gemisphere Advanced Workshop, including the Color Ray Healing Workshop at Lifebridge Retreat Center in Rosendale, NY on October 2-5, 2014 (follow the link for more details). In addition, the Gemstone Tuesdays teleclass: Best Gems for Protection is right around the corner on October 14 & 28. And, for Foundation Teleclass graduates who want a refresher or another immersion into Quartz energy– repeating the course is offered at half price.

Until next time, we wish you wellness and upliftment as you experience your own “little earthquakes”.

Gemisphere invites all life learners interested in gemstone energy medicine therapy and wellness for personal and/ or professional benefit to join us on social media.


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