Gems for Protection

Welcome to my new blog! I will be sharing stories, tips, and ways to use your therapeutic gems to help you get the most out of every gem and every moment. Come by often!

Me and my poodle, Jade.
Me and my poodle, Jade.

A topic I’m often asked about is energetic protection. We live in an exciting time of technological advances, global communities, and giant steps in our awareness of health. But along with these forward leaps come new forms of toxicity and stress—and, so too, an increased need to protect ourselves from them. Students, professionals, parents, healthcare practitioners, and others have asked:

  • How do I protect myself from the discordant energies in the environment, including the negative energies of others?
  • I am a practitioner/counselor/physician/energy worker. How do I avoid picking up the energies of others during my healing work?
  • What can I do to protect myself in a competitive work, family, school, or other group environment?

Or one of my favorites:

  • How do I protect myself from my own negative thoughts and worries?

Becoming more energetically sensitive—it’s a good thing!

I love these questions because they illustrate that we are living an important moment in history, when many people are becoming more sensitive to subtle energies in our work and home environments. Therefore, many people are also becoming aware of the need to protect themselves from discordant or negative energies. Just the fact that we are asking these questions is something to be grateful for: we are growing and learning as a society to be more aware and sensitive. Hurray!

Protection is a natural part of life. Close the window, it’s cold outside. 


First, we can dispel any fear around the need for protection. It’s true that there are negative and wayward energies out there, but as refined human beings, we have a natural know-how for and a long history of protecting ourselves. We can tap our innate knowingness and intuition to get excellent results. And, of course, we have access to some of the best energy medicine tools around—therapeutic gemstones.

We don’t have to think of guarding ourselves from negative energies as being esoteric or mystical. It’s not all that different from the other ways we protect ourselves every day: we wear shoes to protect our feet from the pavement, and we put on hats to shade ourselves from excessive sun; we close windows to keep out the cold and rain, and we use filters to purify our water. Like these other everyday precautions, using energetic protection can be a normal and effective strategy for healthy day-to-day living.

Be free—learn how to block, neutralize, and strengthen!

In the world of therapeutic gems, you can choose from three primary strategies, or methods, for effective energetic protection: you can shield yourself from negative energies or filter them out; you can neutralize these energies; and/or you can strengthen yourself. For example:

pink_sapphire_white beryl.jpg
Pink Sapphire and White Beryl

Ultimately, effective protection does much more than keep negative energies away. When you feel protected from things that can bog you down, you are freer to be bold and adventuresome in the way you live and express yourself. You can just be you, no holds barred!

For more information about how to use therapeutic gems for protection and to hear Dr. Ada elaborate on these topics, join her for Gemisphere’s Gemstone Tuesdays teleclasses.



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