The What and Why of Gemstone Tuesdays

Many people who are new to Gemisphere Education or the Gemstone Tuesdays Teleclasses often wonder: What is the difference between the Foundation Workshop Teleclass and the Gemstone Tuesdays Teleclass?

The short answer is that the Foundation Teleclass is a broad introduction to the world of gemstone energy medicine and crystal healing with Quartz, while the Gemstone Tuesdays Teleclasses are in-depth mini-seminars focused on specific topics.

TeleSeminars and Teleclasses empower you to learn in the comfort of your home. 

On Tuesday October 14, the Gemstone Tuesdays Teleclass convened to learn about Gems for Protection. “This is a topic that we’ve had a lot of interest in,” education program coordinator Michelle introduced, echoing the reflections written by workshop lead Dr. Ada González in her recent blog post.

“We really like to make the Gemstone Tuesdays about topics that are current,” Dr. Ada began. “Meaning that we’re hearing questions from you about a certain topic; or relating the class to current events… That’s why we don’t select the topics too far in advance– so we can be responsive to your needs.”

What is the difference between Gemisphere’s free TeleSeminars and Gemstone Tuesdays? Dr. Ada explained that Gemstone Tuesdays teleclasses are much more participative: Rather than just listening to information about the gems in a free TeleSeminar, participants in the teleclasses are invited to read for deeper study, discuss questions in breakout sessions and as a group, and learn and perform gemstone therapies. Like the Foundation Teleclass, but not the free Teleseminars, optional live demonstrations by the education team are an integral part of the Gemstone Tuesdays experience.

Connect with the gems, the community, and yourself with all Gemisphere Education offerings

Gemstone Tuesdays are always unique and compelling, but they share common threads with all Gemisphere Education events. Foremost, Gemstone Tuesdays, like all workshops, teleclasses, and TeleSeminars, revolve around topics dear to Dr. Ada’s heart and the education team as well. All teachings are the result of decades of personal and professional study, built upon ancient wisdom brought to the modern age. Most importantly, each class emphasizes centering, connection, and a personal journey of healing and self-discovery with the gemstones.

Every Gemisphere Education participant plays an important part in the community and in helping further the study of gemstone energy medicine and crystal healing arts. Dr. Ada pointed this out in the recent Gemstone Tuesdays teleclass, Gems for Protection, by urging participants to comment and ask questions. “Questions make the information come alive with your particular details!” she encouraged.

Dr. Ada is here to listen
Dr. Ada is here to listen

Gems for Protection came about as a topic through conversations between Dr. Ada and an advanced workshop participant, as well as numerous inquiries between the community, Gemstone Advisors, and the Gemisphere Education Team. We listen to what you care about! If you have topics that you would like to see explored in the Dr. Ada blog, in our social media communities, or in a Gemstone Tuesdays Teleclass, please let us know by contacting a Gem Advisor, sending us an email, or contacting us through any of our social media platforms.

Gems for Protection concluded with the second Teleclass call on November 4th, 2014.


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