The Experience of Gifting Healing Gemstones

First it was my dear friend’s wedding. What gift would be beautiful and special and also last a lifetime? Most importantly, what gift would embody the spirit of love surrounding this special event in her life? I knew the answer immediately: I selected for her a Mother of Pearl necklace.

My friend hugged me when she saw the necklace, and I explained some of Mother of Pearl’s nurturing and protective aspects. “I always believe there is more to the world than we know,” she said. “I’ll wear it at work to help protect myself from the stresses there and to remind myself of the of the love that surrounds me.” She put it on right then and simply radiated.

A few months later, it was a friend’s birthday. She seemed distraught and weary, being in twenty places at once with work and school and nearing her wits’ end. As someone who has been in that situation many a time, I thought of what I would do: wear my Onyx. So I got her one. She was instantly drawn to the gems, instinctively wrapping them around her hand. Within moments she looked noticeably more grounded.

Act of love: A mom performs Rhodochrosite therapy on her son
Act of love: A mom performs Magic Gift and Rhodochrosite therapy on her son

For the holiday season that year, making everyone happy was quick and easy: I gave family members Roselle, Light Green Aventurine, Onyx, and Mother of Pearl. And for my boyfriend, his very own Quartz, since he’d grown accustomed to wearing mine at work remodeling homes. (Sometimes I need balance and energy at work, too!)

Over time, gifting gemstones has become a go-to, as more friends and family have become open to and enchanted with the gems. Sometimes a friend has asked about a necklace and become intrigued, so I’ve gotten her one to keep. Other times, a special day would be coming up, and I’ve asked the honoree which stone of a few sounded most interesting. I even selected a gemstone gift for a friend by asking which color he felt most drawn to.

Gifting gemstones isn’t about giving flashy presents, prying into people’s lives, being the know-it-all with the gemstone “fix-it”, or playing the role of the amateur healer. For me, giving healing gemstones as gifts is about sharing something with people who I adore and believe in. It’s about cherishing friends and loved ones with gemstones of the highest therapeutic quality on Earth. It’s the smile in my heart when I think of how they will benefit from the gems long into the future, in ways that I– and even they– may never fully understand.

Friends share the love of gemstone wellness and healing
Friends share the love of gemstone wellness and healing

This holiday season, many of my friends and family members will be traveling, and to me that means they’ll be getting Agate necklaces. (You’ll be getting a different gem of course, in case you’re a family member reading this.) I can feel content knowing that the people I care for will be nourished by gemstone energy medicine and crystal healing, this season and beyond. After all, gemstones are gifts from the Earth to all of us, and giving them as gifts to loved ones seems only natural.

Which gemstones are your favorites to give as gifts?


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