This Crucial Key to Health is Most Often Overlooked

By Dr. Ada Gonzalez

Gem Tip

TIME is a key ingredient in healing. When you apply the correct gemstone for sufficient time miracles can happen in health. Do you ever give up too soon, just when healing may be right around the corner? Persist in your efforts and you will find success sometimes in your darkest hour.

A sundial of Citrine made in the snow.
Here is a sundial in snow, with Citrine and a single Sugilite bead on a simple wooden wand. Truly time is a key ingredient in health.

Next time you work with a gem pay close attention to how you respond from the moment you apply it:

  • Are you improving even slightly? If yes, leave it on.
  • Are you neutral or slightly worse? Try a different gem with a different approach.

Gem energy medicine works incredibly well so with a little practice you can open to much greater health. For support learning how to expertly apply your therapeutic gems (from the comfort of your own home!), check out the Foundation Workshop Teleclass.

Dr. Ada Gonzalez is a licensed naturopathic physician and Gemisphere Education instructor with over 20 years of experience practicing and teaching energy medicine and holistic healthcare.


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