Having Fun with Life’s Challenges—It’s Easier than We Think

By Dr. Ada Gonzalez

Sometimes our problems can appear endless. Every time we resolve a problem, it can seem like more emerge. But there is a way to shift our vibration and have fun no matter what.

Jade is wearing Carnelian to enhance ligament and tendon health. Jade is wearing Carnelian to enhance ligament and tendon health.
Jade is wearing Carnelian to enhance ligament and tendon health.

Last spring, my mom passed away and I was in Miami for her burial. After months of intensive caring for her, the time had come to mourn and, I hoped, to rest. Instead, my dog Jade had an injury that resulted in temporary paralysis of her rear legs. The prognosis for the condition was uncertain and now Jade needed intensive care of her every need, just as my mother had. Today, many therapies and “adventures” later, Jade is slowly improving.

I live in Oregon, but I am visiting Miami again, taking Jade to a wonderful acupuncturist here. As I was swimming with Jade this week, I suddenly realized that, because of her need for rehabilitation, I was enjoying time in the sun in the middle of winter and spending time with my family. That moment of realization was a miracle for me and the reason I wanted to write this post.

It’s January! What am I doing in a pool in Florida? I realized that, thanks to this big problem of Jade’s injury and her need for intensive treatment, I am taking time away from my normal habits and routines of work and life.

Here is Jade doing physical therapy in the pool.
Here is Jade doing physical therapy in the pool.

So what are problems really? I believe that life is continually giving us opportunities to grow and change that at first blush look like “problems.” When we can shift our perspective, we are able to engage in life with innovation and creativity. With this vibrational shift, our problems become part of the grand adventure. Even the most challenging moments become opportunities to grow and open to new, unexpected, and even fun experiences.

We most often use Indigo for structural support, Bloodstone for healing and Mother of Pearl to nourish the nervous system.
We most often use Indigo for structural support, Bloodstone for healing and Mother of Pearl to nourish the nervous system.

So how do we make this shift from seeing life’s challenges as problems to experiencing them as golden opportunities? Gemstone energy medicine can provide unique vibrational support to help us shift, open, and grow in this way.

Here are some of the gems that can help us open to having fun, no matter what life brings to us:

Patience—This combination of Malachite and gold beads helps us connect to the here and now and to feel more patient and present in life. This necklace is great for the person who is always stressing about future problems and has a hard time staying present for the gifts of today.

Amethyst—This gem focuses on helping us be more connected to our inner truth and wisdom. When we resonate with our inner clarity, we can more easily tap into awareness of the bigger picture. Plus, this gem is calming to the nervous system. A real gift when you are feeling stressed or agitated.

Lapis Lazuli—This deep royal-blue gem is all about harmony. When you harmonize your mind and heart, you can master any challenge in life, even when they’re coming at you in bundles.

Blue Lace Agate—This striated blue gem helps us become stronger versions of ourselves. When we wear Blue Lace Agate, we shed outdated information that may be limiting us from moving forward with our goals and dreams. You can also use Blue Lace Agate as a placement on the spine to de-stress and de-clutter the nervous system, so you can move forward with more calmness, clarity, and intention.

Magic Gift—This combination of Rhodochrosite, Biwa Pearl, a bit of Ruby, and gold brings the knowledge that the gift you have been waiting for is you. When you live from this confidence, you recognize every challenge in life as the opportunity it truly is.


At Gemisphere Education, we are here to help you get the most from every gem and every moment. We offer incredible workshops and teleclasses that help you take healing into your own hands.

Our next education opportunity is coming up soon! Join us for the next Foundation Workshop Teleclass in June to delve deeper into crystal healing and gemstone therapy. And for those who complete the Foundation Teleclass by April 28, join us for the amazing Emotional and Karmic Healing Workshop in May.

Dr. Ada Gonzalez is a licensed naturopathic physician and Gemisphere Education instructor with over 20 years of experience practicing and teaching energy medicine and holistic healthcare.


4 thoughts on “Having Fun with Life’s Challenges—It’s Easier than We Think

  1. Thank you Dr. Ada! Beautiful reminder here! I have a somewhat lame Berner puppy, and within this story, I can see and feel the love that has come forward! And using the gemstones certainly helps beyond measure!

  2. Thanks for sharing, Dr Ada!
    It is most instructive for me having case situations, where the stones are combined in a targeted use. The photos are ” icing on the cake”! Thank you for taking the time for this… FYI: this is my 1 st electronic blog thing- keep providing the ” press here” option to access it!
    Hugs to Jade! Nancy

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