Debunking the Myth of Getting the Right (or Wrong!) Gem

Blue_sapphire_Color Only copyBy Dr. Ada Gonzalez

I remember this moment like it was yesterday. Someone asked me for help choosing his gemstones on the last day of an advanced workshop healing retreat at Gemisphere. He was struggling, feeling mentally foggy, and wanted desperately to fix this issue. As quickly as possible.

I think we can all relate to this desire. We struggle with some challenge in our lives and, when we discover an incredible gemstone tool that can assist us, we want the remedy to come fast and furious.

In his hand he was holding a hefty and powerful Blue Sapphire necklace, hoping that it would “fix” his mind once and for all. Working together, we were able to sort out that he first needed to work with Light Green Aventurine to nourish physical energy and then pick a potent but less intense version of a Blue Sapphire necklace to support the weakness he felt in his mind.

What is the moral of the story?

Many of us have a tendency to overestimate our limitations. We feel sick and tired of what we perceive to be our great faults, and we want to be free of them. And we want the largest dose of the remedy—the biggest, strongest gems—to just fix the problem. But the truth is that you are exactly where you need to be right now to learn the lessons you need to learn, and the vibrational correction may be much easier to come by than you think.

Starting out with a large dose of Blue Sapphire can be too much of a good thing for someone who is challenged in that vibration. Instead of hitting ourselves on the head with a vibration that is difficult for us to assimilate, we can enhance our well-being by working with gems and therapies with which we have vibrational rapport.

Another example of this tendency to try to over-correct our issues is a young woman I worked with who struggled with emotional expression. At movies she might cry, but about her own life she felt disconnected. Her first impulse was to buy the largest Roselle necklace available to release her emotional blockages. But choosing the largest Roselle would be like going to the gym to work out and beginning with the heaviest weight there!

Roselle in Hand

As she attended workshops, she learned to apply supportive Roselle therapies at home to gently unwind emotional congestion and feel much more alive and emotionally vibrant (and happy)!

One more fun example of this principle that sometimes less is more comes from a Gemstone Advisor at Gemisphere. On a recent consult after a Foundation Teleclass a participant said, “I need your help. My Carnelian is going to kill me!”

She explained that she was strongly attracted to wearing Carnelian to increase her optimism, vitality, hormonal balance, and relaxation. From her reading about its benefits, Carnelian was made for her! But after wearing it for a short time, she felt unease, sometimes even agitation. Why was she so attracted to a gem that was difficult for her to wear?!

In a nutshell, the gem was good for her, exceedingly good for her. But opening to Carnelian’s uplifting vibration needed to be a bit more gradual. She learned to perform placement therapies with her necklace that gently opened her to the vitalizing energy she craved. Soon she was able to enjoy her Carnelian just as she’d hoped.

Remember, the gems are not here to fix or repair you, because you are not broken. You are fabulous, unique, and gifted. With practice you can learn how to apply the gems expertly to experience the healing you want. Instead of using energy medicine with the idea that you have to fix yourself, use your gems to enhance and optimize wonderful you.

This shift in attitude can be small, but oh so mighty. It helps you choose gems, not from an aggressive viewpoint that something is wrong, but from a loving connection to give yourself the energy nourishment that is perfect for you.


Come learn how to expertly apply gems for true transformation!

It is not too late to join us in New York State for the Emotional and Karmic Healing Workshop. This upcoming workshop (May 14–17, 2015) will be held at the beautiful Lifebridge Sanctuary atop a Rose Quartz mountain in Rosendale, New York. Give yourself the gift of time and healing to uplift your emotions and release limiting patterns with the power of gemstone energy medicine.

Dr. Ada Gonzalez is a licensed naturopathic physician and Gemisphere Education instructor with over 20 years of experience practicing and teaching energy medicine and holistic healthcare.


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