Real People/Real Stories: Gem Therapy in Action

By Dr. Ada Gonzalez

Sometimes the changes that come from the therapeutic application of gems can feel like a subtle, gentle, shift in vibrations over time…and sometimes, as in the next examples I witnessed, changes can be swift, even breathtaking.

Aquamarine Water for Amazing Healing


One case that really touched my heart involved a child receiving full-body irradiation in preparation for a bone-marrow transplant. His family applied gemstone therapy 24 hours a day, including Bloodstone applications to boost immune function, Emerald for organ support, and Blue Sapphire for brain support. He also received baths with Aquamarine Water to promote cellular strength with the vitalizing energy of therapeutic Aquamarine.

To his medical team’s amazement, the child did not develop many of the expected side effects from radiation. The recovery, which would have been considered wonderful progress to reach in a year’s time, was reached in just six months, and he was able to leave the hospital early, a true blessing. Gemstone therapy gave his cells vibrational support and boosted healing. An amazing recovery was heightened with gemstone energy medicine.

Ethan with AVD copy


Impressive Recovery after Surgery

Another beautiful example of gem therapy in action was an experience with my mother after surgery. She received continual gem treatments while still in the hospital: Bloodstone for immune support, Light Green Emerine for healing and to reduce inflammation, and Aquamarine to relieve pain.

Once per day the gems were removed when I took them home for cleansing. During those few short, necessary, hours each day, my mother’s health declined noticeably. Even with my years of experience observing the power of gem therapy, I was amazed by the difference they made for her recovery and comfort. Often we don’t realize how much the gems are helping until we experience their absence.


Relief from Extreme Pain with Emerald and Lavender


One last example of a gem application with swift results is a young man who was disabled after a motor-vehicle accident in which he was hit by a drunk driver. He had been in constant pain for three years, despite being on a cocktail of pain medications. Looking for solutions, and despite his significant disability, this intrepid soul braved the trip and came to a Gemisphere Workshop that focused on physical healing.

Throughout the first night of the workshop he could not sit still for even a moment because of the pain. He fidgeted restlessly, seeking a comfortable position. However, with applications of Emerald and Lavender, we all watched in amazement as the pain drained from his body, and he was able to stop fidgeting. He was awestruck and thrilled, and all of us at the workshop were honored to witness his pain disappearing. He arrived at the workshop in a wheelchair and was able to leave with a walker.


I wanted to share these particular stories because they are such vivid examples of the gems at work. Every now and then we get to witness and experience for ourselves the miracle that vibrational healing can bring to our lives, whether the changes come quickly or more gradually. Watch for both kinds of effects in your own life when you use therapeutic gems.

Do you want to learn how to expertly apply gem therapy for yourself?

Join us in July to rejuvenate your physical body and balance masculine and feminine energies. With advanced gemstone therapies, like Pink/Green Tourmaline Hydrotherapy, Emerald Whole Body Tune-Up, the Light Green Aventurine Organ Tonic, our upcoming workshop, Physical Healing and Empowering the Masculine and Feminine, will be an amazing healing retreat.

Summer in the beautiful forests of the Pacific Northwest is the perfect time and place to pause and let your body be nourished and refreshed! It is never too late to be the healthiest you have ever been!

Dr. Ada Gonzalez is a licensed naturopathic physician and Gemisphere Education instructor with over 20 years of experience practicing and teaching energy medicine and holistic healthcare.


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