Coral Returns!

By Catherine Patricolo

We are thrilled to announce the release of the three Coral necklaces from our original pharmacy! This Pink, Red, and White Coral has been in our possession for over 20 years and now is finally the right time to release it to the world.

Coral’s Mission

Coral strengthens, rebuilds, and protects our individual powerhouse, or the vortex of life energy within us that keeps us going – mentally, physically, and emotionally. The powerhouse is an important source of energy, growth, and enthusiasm for life, but can sometimes become damaged by negative experiences as we move into adulthood. If you’re looking to restore your motivation to evolve and your enthusiasm for living, Coral is a great healing tool for you.

Pink Coral


This necklace contains gently variegated shades of Pink Coral. It attracts the physical and emotional nutrients needed to repair and renovate the powerhouse and to keep it strong and resilient.



Corelle contains Red, Pink, and White Coral and 14-karat gold beads. It improves strength and vitality by rebuilding the powerhouse from its foundation up and keeping it protected and pure.



Coraleena contains Pink and White Coral. An ideal tool for children, it protects the child’s core by deflecting negative and harmful influences, so the child may grow the strongest possible powerhouse.

Coral returns to our pharmacy for a limited time!

A Message from the Gemisphere Team:

Because of Coral’s profound therapeutic relationship with human beings, when Gemisphere was founded in 1988, our pharmacy included a variety of Coral necklaces. However, within a few years we learned that many Coral species had become endangered.* With considerable sadness, we decided to pull Red and Pink Coral from our offerings and put them away. We do not plan to obtain more of these Corals until they have been restored to health in the ocean. Until that time comes, we believe that the gems we tucked away over 20 years ago will do much more good in your hands than they can by sitting on our shelf. And so, with joy, we have decided to release this remaining Coral to do the therapeutic work it was meant to do.

Once these Coral necklaces are sold, we will not offer more. This one-time offer is good only while our limited supply lasts.

Learn more about our therapeutic quality Coral.

Catherine Patricolo is Gemisphere’s Social Media Specialist.


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