Gems for Cold Weather

By Chelsea Shaw

The winter season can be one of those most beautiful and peaceful times of the year, but it can also be one of the most brutal on our bodies and our spirits. Here are some therapeutic gemstones to keep you feeling warm inside!

BLOODSTONE– Strengthening the immune system

Bloodstone strengthens your immune system and keeps it on its toes when cold and flu season arrives. The gemstones uplift the body’s overall energy, creating an unsuitable environment for infections and viruses. Bloodstone can also be helpful through the end of winter and into springtime, giving the immune system an extra boost to ward off seasonal allergies. Furthermore, if the cold weather leaves you with achy joints, placing a necklace of therapeutic-quality Bloodstone over the sore areas can direct extra blood and nutrients to the area, providing you with relief and an improved immune response.

CARNELIAN – Revitalizing your being

During rainy gray days, Carnelian can remind you of the vibrancy of summertime! The orange ray carried by Carnelian is uplifting and revitalizing to your mind, body, and spirit. Even gazing at the gems’ bright orange color brings joy and excitement to the mind. Carnelian promotes a brighter outlook as it deeply relaxes the body and the emotions that may be stirred during the winter blues. Carnelian can be especially helpful when the sniffles have set in by providing support with illnesses like the flu or the common cold.

MALACHITE – Harmonizing the body

Few things feel worse than a congested head and stuffed-up nose. Malachite works to eliminate congestion and stagnation while harmonizing communication among all parts of your body. During times of illness, the body cannot heal an area efficiently if it isn’t aware of what is going on in other areas of the body, so this communication is important! Wearing a strand of therapeutic Malachite is an easy way to keep all our body’s systems on call during illness; it speeds healing and eases discomfort. And when you’re not sick, it’s a great way to help your body stay ahead of illness.

YELLOW SAPPHIRE – Protection in our changing environment

For those of us in the Pacific Northwest, Yellow Sapphire is an invaluable healing tool during months of rainy weather! Seasonal Affective Disorder is also referred to as “winter depression” because of the way this seasonal lack of sunlight affects our bodies and minds. The yellow ray carried by Yellow Sapphire replenishes the color-ray deficiencies that result from reduced sun exposure and aids with the accompanying feelings of sadness or depression. This incredible gem can provide about 80 percent of your body’s need for sunlight in seasons of cloudiness.

AGATE – Nature’s nourishing energies

For the lovers of nature and the outdoors, winter can be a tough season of being stuck inside. When the trails are too icy and the temperatures too cold to be out and about, Agate will fill you with earthtone color rays, reminding your body of its connection to the Earth. A feeling of being grounded and at peace  often results. Besides providing the revitalization that comes with being in nature, Agate improves communication within your body and alerts it to any deficiencies. Then the body can rally all its necessary resources to begin restoring health and happiness.

Chelsea Shaw is Gemisphere’s Social Media Specialist and a Gemstone Advisor.


4 thoughts on “Gems for Cold Weather

  1. I believe I suffer from SAD, the weather affects my moods greatly but none more than lack of sunshine. I have never thought of using gemstones to help with this. I will definitely be looking into possibly purchasing some yellow sapphire. I’m so glad I stumbled across your blog.

    1. Karen, I’m glad you found us too! Gemstones are helpful for so many things and we look forward to supporting your journey. Please don’t hesitate to call us if you would like to receive a consultation.

      Chelsea S.
      Gemstone Advisor

  2. What about gemstones for summer heat? I get sick as temperatures rise. My symptoms ranges flu like to heat stroke. Interestingly enough I do not get sick during winter. Any recommendations?

    1. Hi Yvonne. This is a great question! To help with your summer illness, Aquamarine can be cooling and pairing it with Light Green Aventurine can help to distribute the flow of energy throughout your organ system. Please note that heat stroke is a serious medical emergency and any symptoms should be addressed immediately with a medical professional.

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