Clear Topaz: Manifesting Your Goals for 2016

By Chelsea Shaw

It probably began late in December. The New Year loomed, and between thoughts of which liquid refreshments to buy and which side dish to bring to the neighbor’s party, you considered what your New Year’s resolution might be.

Every year you make a healthy resolution, and while fearing it may be pointless, you hope that this year, with a fresh start, you’ll follow through. You optimistically put aside the memory of last year, when you resolved to make more time for yourself, but by January 31 had failed to take a single day to focus on you. At that point, you threw in the towel and dropped the resolution altogether.

Does this sound familiar? This phenomenon is very common. We have the best intentions. We make plans, create schedules, write lists, and recruit family members to keep us in check, but many of us call it quits after even one slip in diligence. A friend who owns a gym once told me that January is the best month for his business, but around March 1 he always sees a large decline in memberships. Especially when it comes to making a healthy change, we often just can’t seem to stick to it.

CLEAR TOPAZ – Manifesting Your Vision of Health

Enter Clear Topaz. This crystal-clear gem has been provided by Mother Nature to help us manifest our visions and intentions for better health. When you wear a Clear Topaz necklace, it looks to you for instructions on how to use its energies. These instructions will come from one of two places: from your body’s own blueprints for health or from your clear mental intention. For example, you might set an intention to slim down or heal an injury, to stabilize your energy level, or to address a stubborn physical condition. Once the gems’ energies have a defined target, the Clear Topaz stimulates the metabolic processes that can fulfill your intention. Nutrients are distributed to areas of need, related systems are enlivened, and the relationship between your physical and subtle bodies is improved. These changes make the healing process more efficient and focused.


What is most unique about Clear Topaz is that you, as the wearer, have more control over the focus of its work than you have with most other gems. Although we can use our intention to influence the work of any therapeutic necklace, Clear Topaz is perhaps the most sensitive to it. In fact, simply making the choice to place Clear Topaz around your neck is a mindful act; you are declaring your intention to take control of your health and improve it. The mission of Clear Topaz is to help you manifest your vision of better health, whatever that looks like to you.

Roselle in Hand
ROSELLE – Purifying the Emotions

One way to focus Clear Topaz’s effects is to pair it with another gemstone necklace. For example, your resolution this year involves your emotional health. You might plan to focus on connecting with your emotions, or strengthening your relationships by better vocalizing your feelings, or letting go of emotional burdens you’ve been carrying around. Wearing Roselle with Clear Topaz will support your goal. Clear Topaz enhances the energies of another therapeutic gemstone by accelerating the gem’s work and making your body more receptive to its energies. This provides focused support for enacting your resolution.

Clear Topaz SmileNew Year’s resolutions can be daunting. We set high expectations for ourselves and often punish ourselves when we don’t meet them in what we think is a timely manner. Often, what we really need is simply some help. Therapeutic gemstones can be a supportive, round-the-clock partner in helping you achieve your resolutions while taking some of the pressure off—and it’s as easy as wearing a necklace. Through your intention, action, and energy medicine, you can manifest your desire to be a healthier you in 2016!

Note: Because of its effects on metabolism and absorption, Clear Topaz is not for everyone. Please do not wear therapeutic-quality Clear Topaz if any of the following apply to you: systemic autoimmune conditions; bacterial/viral infections that are worsening; cancer; amalgam tooth fillings; pacemaker or implanted automatic cardiac defibrillator; you take heart, gland, or psychotropic medicines; or you are engaged in activities or eating foods that stimulate the metabolism and/or the adrenal glands.

Chelsea Shaw is Gemisphere’s Social Media Specialist and a Gemstone Advisor.


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