What Makes Gemstones Such Powerful Healing Tools?

By Chelsea Shaw

Since earliest times, human beings have looked to the Earth for healing tools. Traditional Chinese Medicine has long used herbs and other plants to restore balance and qi (or energy) to certain aspects of the mind and body. Many diets and detox systems use plants and other gifts from nature, such as water, clays, and medicinal foods, to keep bodies functioning at their best.

Some of the planet’s most powerful healing tools are gemstones.

Many ancient cultures and civilizations have explored the healing properties of gems. Romans once believed that adding Amethyst crystals to their wine prevented the negative effects of drunkenness. In one culture, the dead were buried with Quartz crystals on their foreheads to help guide them safely into the afterlife.

Although we have long sensed that gemstones and crystals can offer something that no other natural source can, people haven’t always been sure how to harness the full healing potential of gems. Now, with the help of ancient cultural knowledge, the wisdom of the Gemstone Guardians, and years of experience with thousands of gemstone users, Gemisphere has uncovered the most efficient and effective way to unlock the true therapeutic power of gems.

Yellow Sapphire is used therapeutically to aid digestion and ease anxiety

Modern physics tells us that all matter is energy in physical form—and gemstones are no exception to this natural law. As gemstones are formed over eons, often with a combination of intense heat and pressure, they come to embody strong concentrations of energy. Just as each type of gemstone has a characteristic chemical composition, each also possesses a unique energetic signature. Thus, the energy expressed by Carnelian is different from that expressed by Ruby or Dark Green Aventurine, and so on. When gems are used properly, these intense concentrations of energy interact with the innate healing energies in the human body to nourish us physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Not all gemstones can be used therapeutically. To be effective for healing, a gemstone must be high in quality and properly shaped. While many gemstones are beautiful, not all are therapeutic in quality. To be therapeutic, a gem must meet certain requirements for purity, clarity, color, consistency, character, and other factors. For this reason, the availability of therapeutic-quality gems is limited. Currently, a large percentage of commercially mined gems are irradiated, dyed, and otherwise treated to create the illusion that lesser quality gems are much higher in quality. These treatments distort and, in some cases, eliminate any innate healing properties that the gemstone may have had.

A Blue Sapphire necklace is held up to the light to check for any imperfections

Shape is also crucial to harnessing a gem’s healing properties. Rounding a gemstone into a sphere, rondel, or rounded chip allows its energy to flow uninterrupted in all directions. The way that a rounded gem’s energy radiates out from the gem’s center allows its energy to access and permeate our physical and subtle bodies. This access to all parts of our being is more difficult to achieve with the rough form of a crystal. Energy flow through a crystal tends to be linear, as energy flows into its base and out through its pointed end. In contrast, when therapeutic-quality gemstone spheres are strung into a necklace and worn around the neck, their energies can touch all areas of the aura to dissipate clouds of disharmony and dissolve energy blockages.

Each type of therapeutic gemstone necklace provides a different suite of benefits. For example, Olympic athletes have worn Green Tourmaline to keep their physical bodies performing at high capacity and to shorten their recovery times. Wearing a Quartz necklace opens the flow of life energy to support the healing of virtually any ailment, and Agate can help relieve jet lag. Gemstones can also help with our emotional and mental health. Mother of Pearl helps heal emotional wounds from childhood and imparts its wearer with feelings of a mother’s warm love. Blue Sapphire can help bring order to your mind and to think more clearly.

This Quartz sphere can be used as a localized pain-relieving agent

In addition to wearing a gemstone necklace for around-the-clock support, you can also use it as a tool for localized healing. For example, placing a necklace of Yellow Sapphire over your stomach after overeating can aid digestion and ease discomfort. Wrapping an Aquamarine necklace around an aching joint can relieve pain. These are a few of the countless ways in which you can use therapeutic gemstones to help support you in your day-to-day life!

How have therapeutic gemstones impacted your wellness routine?

Chelsea Shaw is Gemisphere’s Social Media Specialist and a Gemstone Advisor.



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