A Gem Advisor’s Healing Experience with Pink Sapphire

This week the power of gemstone therapy—and particularly Pink Sapphire—was brought home to us Gem Advisors with an amazing therapy demonstration.

Each week, the Gemisphere staff gathers to discuss the upcoming Gem of the Week. More than just a sale, this weekly feature is an opportunity for us to deepen our knowledge of the gems, and this week was especially informative. To learn about Pink Sapphire, we were joined by Dr. Hazel, naturopathic physician and former Interim Dean of General Medicine at the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine. A longtime supporter of Gemisphere, Dr. Hazel came to share her insights about Pink Sapphire and the emotional body.

Sitting in a crooked circle of office chairs and exercise balls, we began the meeting by discussing the anatomy of the emotional body.

Dr. Hazel with Gem Advisor Ryan discussing the emotional body

Dr. Hazel explained that the emotional body acts like a cushion between our physical body and the outside world; it is where we process our feelings, and it can have a direct impact on our physical health. She showed us how this happens by pretending to attack the emotional body of our fellow Gem Advisor, Ryan, with fear (no emotional bodies were harmed in making of this meeting). Ryan seemed to shrink down into himself, and we were able to see how emotions simultaneously affect the strength of our emotional and physical bodies.

To understand Pink Sapphire’s effects, Dr. Hazel then asked us to imagine the tubular-shaped energetic channels that surround the physical body. These tubes filter emotions as they move in and out of our energetic fields, helping us to digest our reactions. Pink Sapphire fosters the tubes’ health, allowing us to process emotions in a more healthy and complete way. Emotional traumas can shrink us down and hold our emotions hostage. Wearing a Pink Sapphire necklace helps us feel our emotions from start to finish, so they can move through without getting stuck. In this way, Pink Sapphire energy fosters strength, emotional identity, and our connection with the vast mix of feelings that we humans have the pleasure of experiencing.

After Ryan bravely pretended to be traumatized by fear, Dr. Hazel offered a soothing therapy for his emotional body, using several different gems.

Ryan shared with us that he’d been suffering from severe back pain at the “back door” of his heart chakra after experiencing a difficult situation in his emotional life five years ago.

Dr. Hazel uses Roselle spheres over Ryan’s back

Dr. Hazel began the therapy by placing Aquamarine on the soles of his feet, wrists, and temples to encourage fluidity, relaxation, and openness. Ryan was then given a gentle energetic massage using Roselle spheres in his emotional field above the area of pain. This surfaced the unresolved issues and untied the emotional knots that had developed around them. Finally, Dr. Hazel placed a Pink Sapphire necklace over Ryan’s heart, and he was left to lie down and relax.   

Ryan with Pink Sapphire over his heart 

Twenty minutes later, when the gems were removed and Ryan sat back up in his chair, his face was bright with healthy color, his eyes alive with energy, and his overall presence was awakened.

Three days later, when he returned to the office after a weekend of rest, he was incredibly pleased with the lasting results of his experience and shared them with us:

“Once the therapy started, I could feel the Aquamarine energy vibrating my body at a cellular level. It felt as if my cells were undulating like a buoyant ocean. At first I didn’t notice the energy of the Pink Sapphire; it was very gentle. Then, after a half-hour, I could feel my body gaining energy and a calm positive feeling encompassing me. It has been three days since the treatment, and at least 90 percent of the pain has dissipated.

“Working with the emotional gemstones for the first time, I was expecting to be overwhelmed with repressed emotions, but it was nothing of the sort. I feel that it re-energized my emotional body and gave me more strength, reduced my anxiety, and went a long way to healing a very persistent knotted ball of unwanted energy.”

The Pink Sapphire necklace used in Ryan’s therapy

We often underestimate the role that our emotions play in our health. We tend to ignore the underlying emotional causes that may be prohibiting us from healing from a physical or other injury. For us Gem Advisors, the Pink Sapphire therapy demonstration opened our eyes to the importance of our emotional strength and why we must keep it nourished. Witnessing Ryan’s gentle but profound experience highlighted just how powerful our emotional bodies are, how Pink Sapphire can accelerate our healing, and how powerful is our ability to heal. 

Learn more about Pink Sapphire here.


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