Founder’s SALE

There is still time to check out the incredibly rare selection we have left in our Founder’s Sale!

This is your chance to take home these one-of- a-kind gems before they go back into Michael’s vault. The Gemisphere team met with founder Michael Katz to talk about these select gems and what makes them so special.

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18″, 123.44ct, Exquisite+++, $9,925 $6,948

This Apatite has an incredibly striking color and cut—the best color Michael has ever seen.


18.75″, 126.57ct, Exquisite ++ $6,251  $4,376

Michael decided to add this Aquamarine necklace to his private collection because of its rare color and clarity, and thus its exceptional potency.


17.5″, 44.72ct, Exquisite $13,266 $9,286

This Emerald is a unique forest-green, with exceptionally saturated color. It comes from our original source in Africa and has a distinctly darker color than much of the Emerald we now carry.

Green Tourmaline

22.25″, 83.42ct, Exquisite + $16,316 $11,421

Green Tourmaline with this clarity and depth of color is as rare as it is powerful.  Because of this, Michael has kept it aside in his vault until now.

Pink Tourmaline

18″, 151.03ct, Exquisite +++ $24,900 $17,430

Magnificent clarity and color. This Pink Tourmaline was held aside because Tourmaline this high in quality is usually faceted for use in jewelry. Michael says that it is the last of its kind.


25″, 5 to 10mm graduated, Exquisite + $13,996 $9,797 SOLD

This Rhodochrosite’s color is the best Michael has ever seen and transcends much of what is currently available. Absolutely stunning and unique, with graduated bead sizes.

Precious Roselle

28″, 106.48ct, Exquisite +++ $1,895 $1,327  SOLD

Very special and limited. This Roselle is so exceptional that we consider it a precious gem. Its color leans toward peach, and its misty quality, characteristic of high-quality Roselle, is perfect.

Yellow Sapphire

20″, 51.06ct, Exquisite +++ $39,645 $27,752

Michael says that this Yellow Sapphire is astoundingly clear—and with its spot-on canary-yellow coloring is one of the nicest he has ever seen. The mine where these gems originated is now closed, so we may never again have access to such rare and gorgeous Yellow Sapphire.

View all available Founder’s Sale necklaces here

Want help choosing? Call us at 800.727.8877


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