Aquamarine Relaxation Technique

This technique uses Aquamarine energy to calm the body’s energy flows and relax the entire body.

An Aquamarine necklace is formed into a small circle and placed first in the left palm and then around the navel.

What You Need

One solid Aquamarine necklace.

When to Use

When you are experiencing any of the following—

  • Symptoms of stress and tension
  • Headache
  • Restlessness
  • Insomnia

How it Helps

In this therapy, you form an Aquamarine necklace into a small circle and place it in your left palm and then on your navel. Holding Aquamarine in your left palm helps draw energy down from your shoulders and head, releasing the excess energy that may be causing a headache or insomnia. Placing an Aquamarine circle around your navel brings energetic liquidity to your body’s energy flows. These flows include the currents of energy that move through your chakras, along your acupuncture meridians, and throughout most areas of your body.

Stressful living can cause our energy flows to overreact, become over-stimulated, move too quickly, or accumulate excess energy. The result is premature aging and disease. When Aquamarine brings liquidity to your energy flows, they become aware of each other and are encouraged to become more balanced. This has an overall calming effect. As a result, your body relaxes and begins to work more efficiently.

If you suffer from insomnia, this Aquamarine technique can improve your sleep.


If you are treating insomnia, plan to fall asleep during the treatment.

  • Lie down on your back, and make yourself comfortable.
  • Fold an Aquamarine necklace several times to form a circle that consists of four or five strands.
  • Place the Aquamarine in the center of your left palm, and arrange the strands into a neat circle. Allow the Aquamarine to rest on your palm without holding it. Touching the Aquamarine with your fingers diffuses its effects and reduces its ability to draw energy down from the shoulders and head.
  • Try to feel the energy being drawn down your arm from your head, neck, and shoulders.
  • Place the Aquamarine circle around your navel. To help secure it there, tuck the necklace under the elastic waistband of your pajamas. Keep the Aquamarine there as you rest or fall asleep. If it falls off during sleep, it will maintain its energetic connection with you.

Time Guidelines

Keep the Aquamarine on your left palm and navel for at least five minutes each, and longer if you like. If you find that one of these locations works better for you, keep the Aquamarine there longer. You can keep the Aquamarine on either of these locations all night long.

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