Mounting Excitement as Gemisphere Staff Experiences a New Collection

“This provided more physical healing faster than any other necklace that I have worn in the past 15 years.”

-Dr. Sara Hazel

“This new necklace is by far my favorite Gemisphere necklace.”

-MJ, Office manager

Advisor Ryan’s “Most Profound Experience.”

“It was electric when I first took hold of the necklace, crackling with energy.”

“When I brought it into my field I felt a huge emotional release then following that, an upwelling of inner strength. I became very aware of the potentiality of everything. I could achieve anything.

Maintaining a giddy happy feeling the necklace started to ask me about specific habits and thought/emotional patterns. “Do you really need this habit?” it seemed to say. Is there another way we could respond? Let’s clean this up for you, it seemed to say.

This necklace really wants to propel you to the highest version of yourself , which would not be possible without the confidence it brings. It is very comforting and supportive, lending subtle body strength as well as mental clarity. Confidence abounds within this necklace.

The feeling of confidence and electric energy stayed with me throughout the day, and even up to two days after wearing the necklace if I thought about it I could still tap into the feeling. It is safe to say that I have had a more profound experience with this piece than Any type of energy medicine.

Thank you for the opportunity to work with such an amazing tool. WooHoo!!”

-Ryan, Gemstone Advisor

“I need five, now!”

-Sydney Songer, Certified Hypnotherapist

“This is what we’ve needed for a long time.”

-Michelle, Gemstone Advisor

We will be releasing this new collection next week. Check your inbox, Facebook, Instagram, and this blog for the announcement!

You can also call us at 800.727.8877 for more information.


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