New Line for a New Era

“During challenging times and when impassioned to act, human beings can be capable of miracles.” —Fabien Cousteau

We live in a unique time. The world has rarely faced so many challenges at once. The speed of change and complexity of imbalances are placing new demands on those of us living through these remarkable changes. Here at Gemisphere we have been engaged in deep discussion, consideration, and research to develop new resources and tools for the planet and people undergoing this exceptional time in history.

This New Line of therapeutic gems is organized into four collections that form the pillars of Longevity, Beauty, and Wellness.

  1. Noble Warrior: Vitality, Strength, Courage
  2. Divine Feminine: Resiliency, Restructuring, Rejuvenation
  3. Longevity: Youthfulness, Relaxation, Immunity
  4. Beauty: Gem Facials and Age-Antidotes

Each collection will be launched with special Limited Edition necklaces. These combination necklaces create signature energy fields designed to help people actualize these archetypal forces into their lives.  They are being made in small batches with some of our highest-quality gems combined in ways that achieve a special synthesis. 

Paving the way for the new collections of 2017, we are launching the first Limited Edition necklaces this week in the Noble Warrior Collection.  This collection is being offered to meet the extraordinary needs of this time as we all individually and collectively reach for the courage, energy, and power to meet the many kinds of challenges we all face. 

The Noble Warrior Collection:

Green Tourmaline Combination Necklaces 

Noble Warrior Collection—two combination necklaces of great power for building physical and spiritual strength. The designs of the Noble Warrior necklaces are based on the knowledge and promptings of the inner-world Guardian of Green Tourmaline and the gem’s unique strengths. Until now, because of its intense power, Green Tourmaline in the form of solid necklaces has been used mostly by men and by specialized groups within the Gemisphere community—professional athletes, martial artists, soldiers, and police officers. The profound and intense energies of Green Tourmaline have often been more than most people could handle except for very brief periods of time.

Yet personal power is needed in many people’s lives, now more than ever before. The journey to healing, to success, and to conscious spiritual evolution takes a great deal of strength and courage. The challenges faced by both men and women require inner as well as outer strength.

The two Green Tourmaline combination necklaces in the Noble Warrior Collection are designed to meet these needs. They provide people from all walks of life with new access to the energies of strength, courage, and a noble warrior spirit.

The Athena and Mystic Warrior Necklaces


Strength in Body


The Athena archetype embodies pure truth, wisdom, protection, and the warrior who defends. This warrior aspect is never the aggressor; taking up arms only to defend and protect. The Athena necklace helps protect you from the energetic projections of others and strengthens the physical and supraphysical aspects of being.  Under the protective shield of Athena, your physical body is flooded with a vitalizing energy. When healing requires a little additional force in mind and body, this necklace worn for short durations will remove unseen obstacles. It can help specifically with injuries and damage to physical tissues and the supraphysical body.

Athena contains Green Tourmaline, Blue Lace Agate, and White Flash Moonstone.


Mystic Warrior

Strength in Spirit

Mystic Warrior

This archetype represents the forces that support you on the path to the wise use of power. Wearing Mystic Warrior fosters the confidence to claim your personal power for the benefit and healing of yourself and of all those touched by your life. It cultivates the courage to seek and then embody the truth.

The Mystic Warrior necklace radiates the force of a wise and disciplined will. It helps identify what is preventing you from achieving success in any arena, and inspires the vitality, strength, and confidence to pursue your goals.  It encourages you to face your internal obstacles and inspires you to make better choices.

Mystic Warrior contains Green Tourmaline, Onyx, and Blue Flash Moonstone.


Guidelines for Wearing the Noble Warrior Necklaces

Both women and men can wear the Noble Warrior necklaces. They should always be used with compassion, wisdom, and great care. The masculine fire is one of our greatest powers, especially when the world is presenting itself as cold and dark. Yet this fire requires the tempered application of a seasoned being who knows how not to be careless or destructive with its force, who knows how to use it constructively and with consciousness.

Be careful to balance the use of these necklaces with periods of non-use. Initially, wear a Noble Warrior necklace for no more than a few hours at a time. Observe carefully and be sensitive to any signs of physical, emotional, or mental discomfort. If you observe any of these signs, you need more time to absorb these energies.  Try wearing the necklace for shorter periods.

The Green Tourmaline in these necklaces embodies the energies of masculine strength, force, and intensity. Different bodies and temperaments will experience these energies differently. The Noble Warrior necklaces have been designed in a variety of potencies to meet individuals’ needs and temperaments.

No matter which Noble Warrior necklace you use, allow the process to unfold slowly. Each individual will be able to incorporate new strengths at different speeds. You do not ask someone who has been living a sedentary life to wake up one day and run a triathlon or climb Mount Everest. Success will not be gained that way. Have patience. Go slowly. Build your capacity carefully, but build it thoroughly. Green Tourmaline helps those with goals they wish to achieve.

Who is wearing the Noble Warrior necklaces?

Noble Warrior necklaces are designed for women and men who could use the support of strength, focus, intensity, and committed discipline as they are striving to advance toward any kind of achievement.

Generally speaking, women will find their needs for this energy met more quickly—often by wearing a Noble Warrior necklace for just a few hours over the course of a few days each month.

Men may require longer and more sustained periods of wearing a Noble Warrior necklace. If you are in a male body, there is more to absorb and master from the lessons of Green Tourmaline. Male bodies must find a dynamic equilibrium between “force” and “allowing” and between being “active” and “passive.”

Women generally find the lessons of temperance easier to comprehend and integrate.

Necklaces that Enhance and Support

Here are some suggestions for therapeutic gemstone necklaces you may wish to wear as follow-ups to wearing a Noble Warrior necklace:

  • If your focus is on healing the physical body, a Noble Warrior necklace can often be followed well with a Dark Green Aventurine or Light Green Aventurine necklace.
  • If your focus is on uplifting your emotions, Carnelian follows well, as does Mother of Pearl for soothing and nurturing.
  • To integrate the Green Tourmaline energies of either Noble Warrior necklace, a solid necklace of Blue Lace Agate will follow well.
  • People with heart and cardiovascular conditions should generally use the Green Tourmaline combinations sparingly and follow them with either Agate or Light Green Aventurine.

How to Choose

For each combination necklace in the new collections, Gemisphere will offer several categories of therapeutic potency. Potency is determined by a variety of factors, including gemstone size and cut, necklace length, and the physical quality of the gems themselves (color, character, consistency, etc.). Within a potency category, there may be slight variations in the cut, color, and sizes of individual gems, but the potency will be the same.

For help choosing, call us at 800.727.8877 and ask to speak to one of our Gemstone Advisors, who will assist you in selecting the necklace that matches your needs and desires.

These collections are made in small batches as Limited Editions to meet the needs of current events. They have been specially priced to assist as many people as possible to have access to their benefits. 

To order or learn more about the necklaces in the Noble Warrior Collection, please call us at 800.727.8877.


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