Behind the Scenes

Free Gemstone Energy Education

Gemisphere is offering free demonstrations of Gem Energy Facials, balancing and vitalizing meditations at the NW Thurman, Portland location.   A series of New Collections and tools for personal and professional use have been created to help people reach greater levels of wellness and beauty.  These new tools and new necklaces have been designed to capture the essence of Dr. Sara Hazel’s transformational gem sessions.  The Gemisphere advisors have been Beta-testing the New Collections and experiencing the gemstone facial techniques.  Dr. Hazel has spent several weeks teaching the Gem  Energy Facials, Longevity and Wellness exercises in our new education and consultation room.  Doctors and Gemstone Educators will be demonstrating how to apply these gem tools at home in combination with new necklaces, sprays and wands.

Ryan’s Athena Gem Facial Experience

“The application of single gemstones and gemstone wands has left me feeling alive, renewed and refreshed!”


“After one session the wrinkles in my forehead had lessened.”


“The overall effects gave me noticeably smoother skin, and it feels like the musculature in my face has been tuned up and no longer has a tired look to it. The stress in my face and tension along my jawline has greatly diminished.

Not only was this a physical experience but I could feel the gemstones on a deeper level.

After the exercise I found that I had clarity of mind, and an increased sense of confidence as well as a feeling like I was glowing or beaming with light.

The revitalizing action left me standing taller and sitting up straighter. Everyone I came in contact with noticed a difference physically and energetically.”

Michelle’s Age-Antidoting Exercise

“The lines between my eyebrows are reduced after the gem sessions.The effects have lasted weeks!”


“Most surprising is the feeling of my skin actively tightening after the gems have been removed. The effects continue to progress well beyond the application of the gems. The new gem misting sprays are an extra nice touch!”


If you would like to experience Free Demonstration and a Sneak Peek at the new collections of the Longevity, Beauty and Wellness line, call us at 800.727.8877 to reserve a spot for you and your friends. Starts this weekend!

More information on the New Noble Warrior Collection here.


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