New Necklaces inspired by the Divine Feminine

Meet our new necklaces: Brigid and Heart’s Wisdom, the first two in the Divine Feminine Collection.


The Brigid necklace embodies the healing and protective energy needed for optimal female health. It is an overall restorative for the female body and for adult women of all ages.

Brigid provides excellent energetic support for the subtle and physical bodies of women who are trying to become pregnant. After childbirth, its restorative effects on the pelvic organs and pelvic floor can be nurturing to the physical body. Brigid’s combination of energetic shielding and physical support may also be helpful after a woman has undergone surgery to the pelvic area.

As women age, hormonal imbalances, combined with gravity, childbirth, or trauma to the female organs, can make women more susceptible to a range of gynecological and urinary problems. Brigid’s energies may be beneficial in counteracting the damage inflicted by injury and aging to the female organs and bladder. It lends support to women who need healing in these areas.

Brigid contains Pink Tourmaline, Red Spinel, Blue-Green Fluorite, Pink Coral*, and Mother of Pearl.

Restoring the Female Body

While Brigid is energetically protective for both men and women, it works more quickly and profoundly on the physical aspect of the female form, particularly the pelvic organs. While you are resting or sleeping, when the physical and mental bodies are meant to be rejuvenated, you can place this necklace by your bedside for its energetically protective properties.

Two Potencies

Brigid is available in two potencies: one with a single Pink Tourmaline stone and the other with three Pink Tourmaline rounded chips. The therapeutic potency of the chips version is milder than the version with the stone. These large, pure and high potency Pink Tourmaline stones are very rare and special. 

In Brigid, the Mother of Pearl and Pink Coral combine to create a synergy of profound soothing protection. The combination of Pink Tourmaline, Coral, and Red Spinel restore the energetic matrix that supports the core of the body, its muscles, and the female organs. Red Spinel has a resonance with the root chakra and the body’s muscles and blood. The synergy of Blue-Green Fluorite and Pink Tourmaline focuses Pink Tourmaline’s effects on the tissues, hormones, and fluids of the body.

*The Pink Coral spheres in Brigid come from the last of our Coral reserves.

20% off through Sunday, February 5!

Purchase here, or call 800.727.8877 for a free consultation.


The Heart’s Wisdom necklace embodies the wisdom gained through emotional self-knowledge. Divine Love is the inspiration in a woman’s body and heart. By supporting you to become more alive and aware, Heart’s Wisdom helps you open to new experiences of love.

The gems of Heart’s Wisdom support spiritual, emotional, and physical healing by increasing your emotional clarity and the awareness of your soul’s purpose. When you simultaneously awaken to a deeper experience of your true feelings and become aligned with your soul, you experience a more vivid sense of your authentic self. With this alignment, blockages in the subtle bodies are identified and released, as are stagnant and disharmonious emotional energies stored in the muscle, fascia, and other aspects of your physical form.

Heart’s Wisdom contains Pink Tourmaline, Blue-Green Fluorite, Ruby, and Lavender.

By combining the aligning effects of Lavender and the emotional healing of Ruby, the necklace allows the obstructions between heart, soul, and body to be addressed and discharged more quickly and easily. Its Blue-Green Fluorite has a cleansing and balancing effect on the body’s fluids and tissues. The combination of the Pink Tourmaline and Blue-Green Fluorite energies support the yin nature and water elements of the body. This creates flexibility, resiliency, and rejuvenation. These physical and fluid properties are enlivened by the healing fire of Ruby. 

Two Potencies

Heart’s Wisdom is available in two therapeutic potencies. The higher-potency Heart’s Wisdom has larger Rubies and Blue-Green Fluorites.

20% off through Sunday, February 5!

Purchase here, or call 800.727.8877 for a free consultation.


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