Clear Topaz: Enhance meditation, health practice, and lose weight!

After a week of combining Clear Topaz with Aquamarine or Carnelian, my meditations were more powerful and my mind was more clear.

I immediately felt greater energy and upliftment. Much to my surprise, I lost 5 lbs without changing my diet or exercise patterns. The gemstone facial treatments I have been doing seemed more effective in a shorter time frame as well.

Clear Topaz

Clear Topaz’s ability to enhance absorption of both physical and energetic nutrition, seemed to increase my response to other gemstone energies, both when I wore necklaces and applied gemstone tools. Its properties of a broad spectrum increased vitality combined with its stimulation of my metabolism may be responsible for the benefits I experienced.


Aquamarine’s rejuvenating and fluid properties seemed more balanced and effective for me with the support of Clear Topaz.

Carnelian’s vitalizing and uplifting energy was amplified! In fact one hour was all I needed to feel fantastic.

I am eager to experiment with other Clear Topaz gemstone combinations. Next up: Emerald.

Clear Topaz and Emerald

Written by Dr Sara Hazel


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