Gem Advisor Ryan’s Continued Experience with Mystic Warrior

“I have been using Mystic Warrior continuously for over a month, and I thought I would share my experiences so far.

The initial two weeks were filled with the cycles of expanding consciousness, emotional strength, and a sense of being filled with confidence, followed by introspection about where I am in life and where I need to be. The cycles seem to have slowed now, and more focus is being placed on the issues that most immediately need resolution. Instead of just being shown the issues, the focus is on looking for different ways to resolve them—asking which path I would be most open and receptive to.

The Mystic Warrior loves discourse and logic. I have been amazed at the communicative nature of this necklace, more so than any of the other gems. To sit and converse with the Mystic Warrior is to sit with the highest version of yourself and to discover your true nature. It knows that the issues it wishes to help you resolve will not happen overnight, and it seems to work to find the path of least resistance to removing the obstacles.

I have also discovered the large amount of protection this necklace fosters—not in an energetic sense, but rather in a confidence that will not let overbearing or antagonism stand. I found myself reasserting a position I had taken and then backed down from because of the overbearing nature of the issue. The Warrior insisted I had to make my position known, and when I spoke it came from a place of confidence and logic. 

One last thing I want to mention. On the emotional plane I have found myself experiencing a broader and deeper range in my positive emotions. And, conversely, my negative emotions have diminished. If I start to become annoyed or angry, the Mystic Warrior will ask if it is truly worth the energy and will help me search for a different way to diffuse the issue.

I am continuously amazed at the power and wisdom of this necklace and look forward to every day I can work with it.”

Written by Ryan Van Arsdale, Gemstone Advisor

Learn more about Mystic Warrior here.


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