Research Supports Natural Therapies for Anti-Aging

Excitement is growing for Gemisphere’s upcoming Retreat that will bring together leaders in the field of Gemstone Energy Medicine.

Using the advances in longevity and aesthetic medicine to help us better understand how to use specific gemstones for optimal wellness and natural beauty, Dr. Hazel will lead the classes and therapies throughout the 4 day Hot Springs Retreat.

“Dr. Hazel is a wonderful Naturopathic Doctor who has been in practice many years. She has extensive knowledge about gemstones and after taking 2 of her workshops I’m a fan for life! I literally wear gemstones daily after taking her workshops and it has made me aware of the power these stones hold and how they can make a positive effect on our lives!”

~Dr. Valentin

What Causes Aging?

There are at least 300 scientific theories. Read some research here

One of the most commonly agreed upon contributors to age is the accumulation of DNA damage over time from oxidative stress.  We know from decades of research in many fields that the right amount of stress (physical, mental, biological) challenges our biochemistry and character to become stronger, but too much stress over time causes degeneration.  Repairing and protecting our DNA from the many stresses of life experience is key to our health and longevity. Protecting us from excessive inflammation is in some ways synonymous with protecting our DNA.  When we look for gemstone energies that can support our quest for optimal health, we can turn first to Aquamarine that carries the vibrational blueprint of rejuvenation, with a cooling stress-relieving energy.

Sauna and Water Therapies

Research is showing that the use of sauna and water therapies may be one of our most simple and relevant tools for health.  Aquamarine gemstones can be used alone or combined with hydrotherapies that will help us focus on rejuvenation and restoration of our bodies and minds.

Watch this video on the use of Sauna and cold to increase resilience and other healthy benefits. 

How Aquamarine Works with the Mind


“Your mind, which profoundly influences every aspect of your health, has energetic ties to every part of your being, including your physical body. These energetic ties resemble threads of light. As the stresses of living accumulate, these threads can become darkened with disharmonious energy, causing the threads to tighten their grip in an unhealthy way. When Aquamarine starts working on your physical cells, its light and liquidity touch these threads and begin to infiltrate your mind.”

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New Longevity, Beauty, and Optimal Wellness Retreat


The upcoming Hot Springs Retreat will explore how to use gemstones in combination with Longevity Therapies to maximize health and wellbeing. New science on traditional natural health practices is showing that we can exert control on how quickly and how well we age.

Learn more about our upcoming retreat!


What students are saying about Dr. Sara Hazel

“Dr. Hazel is a seasoned naturopathic physician and inspiring instructor. I was fortunate to learn from her in a variety of educational and clinical settings, covering the applications of hydrotherapy, dietetics, and gemstone energy healing. She teaches based on clinical experience and conveys her intelligence in a charismatic way that makes it easy to learn. Her highly intuitive expertise was a valuable guide while learning the intricacies of subtle-energy sciences. I loved working with her and highly recommend her classes.”

~Laurel Erath

“I had the wonderful opportunity to attend a Gemisphere workshop with Dr. Sara Hazel last year. It was an amazing experience! We were taught therapeutic properties and were then able to use and experience the multitude of different healing and strengthening qualities of many different gemstones. Even though it was in the midst of a busy school quarter, it was the most relaxing and rejuvenating weekend because of the energy and healing that took place. Dr. Hazel is a remarkable wealth of knowledge. There are few people I trust with regards to gemstones and and how to use them therapeutically and Dr. Hazel is most definitely one of those people. She is incredibly perceptive and discerning and knows exactly how to both teach and therapeutically treat each individual within her classes. I am grateful I was able to attend her workshop and look forward to future learning opportunities.”
~Kristin Austin
“I have had the pleasure of benefiting from Dr. Hazel’s wisdom over several years. I have taken numerous classes from her including clinical nutrition, neurology, hydrotherapy, and gemstone energy medicine. I have worked with her one-on-one and in small group settings and as a highly empathic and intuitive individual who has spent the greater portion of my life in education, I can tell you she is one of the absolute best teachers out there. She has a passion for delivering information in its truest form while radiating a tremendous amount of positive energy outward that makes everyone feel welcome and at ease. Every moment of the gemstone retreats is intellectually and spiritually stimulating with group and individual work as necessary. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t implement the tools I learned from the workshops as well as passing that knowledge on to others. I have personally and professionally grown in ways that still surprise me some days as a result of her authentic dedication to those she interacts with. I love everything about her gemstone retreats!”
~ Kristen Salzwedel

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