Gemisphere Staff Experiences Earth Aqua

Earth Aqua is a new combination necklace featuring green Aquamarine, supported by Agate and Light Green Aventurine.

Earth Aqua

When new necklaces are developed, we make a point to bring them out at one of our staff meetings so that everyone has a chance to see, touch and experience the new products. Earth Aqua made a distinct impression, and as the necklace was passed around the table, everyone had a similar reaction of awe. And more than one of us let out a contented sigh.

As we discussed the energies radiated from this combination, we all agreed that it felt as if we were walking through a lush forest near a playful stream. Wearing the new Earth Aqua feels like being transported out of the modern, urban world and into nature. The amazing energies of the Earth within this necklace are powerfully cleansing and rejuvenating.

The Green Aquamarine radiates fresh water energy (as a reference, Blue Aquamarine shares an energy of water as well, but much more similar to the ocean). The Agate in the necklace brings a grounding element to the Aquamarine’s restorative effects in the physical body. And the Light Green Aventurine helps uplift the vitality of the organs and cells.

Earth Aqua Pairings

Earth Aqua can be enhanced by pairing it with other solid gemstone necklaces.

Earth Aqua and Riverstone


Wearing Riverstone with Earth Aqua will help accelerate its effects.

Earth Aqua and Dark Green Aventurine

Wearing Dark Green Aventurine with Earth Aqua will add a deeper purification of the physical body.

Earth Aqua and Agate

Wearing Agate with Earth Aqua will incorporate more grounding energy.

We are offering 20% off Earth Aqua for its launch!

Learn more about Earth Aqua here. (You can also learn about Star Aqua on the same page). 


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