Seasonal Allergies? Blood Tonic to the Rescue

Written by Gem Advisor Ryan

Here in Oregon, the allergy season is strongly upon us.

My wife has been suffering from clogged sinuses, had almost developed a hay fever, and was drained of energy. I knew this would be a perfect time to introduce her to the new Blood Tonic necklace.

Blood Tonic
Blood Tonic – Strengthening and Balancing the Blood

She put on the necklace in the evening, and within three hours her sinuses had stopped running and the foggy brain feeling had dissipated. She wore the necklace in the morning again for about three hours, and I could tell her energy levels were back to normal. The pressure in her sinus had also greatly decreased. Even her co-workers could tell a difference from the day before. The deep cleansing action of the Sugilite paired with the immunity-boosting Bloodstone and Carnelian is a wonderful combination that gets right to work. I would highly recommend the Blood Tonic for any one suffering from seasonal allergies.

—Ryan, Gem Advisor

Learn more about Blood Tonic.


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