News From the Vault: Stunning New Roselle

Greetings Dear Gemisphere Friends and Fans,

Sharon here, your friendly Gemisphere Inventory Manager (aka Gem Slinger).  I’m excited to let you know about some very special Roselle necklaces that have been added to our stock!

Roselle in Hand
Roselle – Purifying the Emotions – 10mm Exquisite+++

I spent Tuesday and Wednesday grading 8mm and 10mm Roselle strands in an emotional bliss.  For a few hours, I set the worries of this world aside and gazed into glittering expanses within spheres of pink and swirling nebulas of pastel rose.  The reward – not only do we now have ALL qualities of Roselle back in stock, but we have added our highest quality ever – a brand new Roselle Exquisite+++ quality to inventory. 

When grading Roselle and other gemstones, there is sort of a playful teeter-totter between color saturation and clarity.  If we have a necklace with crisp clarity, it tends to be slightly less saturated with color, while some of the richest color saturated stones can sometimes be mistier.

Enter our newest batch of 10mm Roselle. 

NEW Roselle! Exquisite+++

These necklaces have the stunning clarity and a precious pink saturation to make them truly incredible.  A few of these are so special they warranted a new quality of their own! The Exquisite +++ Roselle is the brightest and best Gemisphere has to offer.

Order Online at or call 800.727.8877 to consult with Michelle or Ryan to see if this is the perfect gemstone energy necklace your personal collection needs!


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